Christopher Eldridge

Son of Graham Eldridge


After his mother’s death his father sent him to his aunt, with his nanny, to receive “proper English education”. In Christopher elder years he has seen this as an excuse from his father to keep him out of view and thought. It did not take long for Christopher aunt to become his mother figure and he quickly began calling her mother. His new mother was curious about her brother and where he currently lives, but because Chris was raised inside the manor with English speaking servants he could not recall what city he lived in before being sent to London, but he did get yearly mail from his father, who somehow knew how he was doing, congratulating and giving advice. His aunt continued to grow frustrated because she could not find her brother, and the leads obtained by the mail often turned up into dead ends. By the time Christopher was sixteen he started to notice something about his aunt/mother, it was the small things, like how she moved or that she sleeps during the day, at his eighteen birthday she reveals herself as a vampire to him and promises him that she would turn him if he managed to impress her within the next ten years. After two years of hard study and political mingling he impressed his mother enough to be embraced. a couple of days after his embrace a letter from his father arrived, telling him he had settled down in Venice, because of his mother obsession with his father and his own issues, he decided to burn the letter and never telling his mother that his father had surfaced after traveling in Asia.

Over the next 20 years his father would regular send him mail, and often his mother would read them in secret. He decided that he wanted nothing to do with his mortal father, and sent Graham Eldridge a letter saying he was cutting of ties with him, somebody who left the riches he had originally inherited to travel the world, abandoning family and friends for his own selfish desires.

Graham would not send him another letter, but 5 years later. A letter arrived.

It was not from graham but his “lawyer”, Telling of a mysterious fire and his fathers death.
Christopher mother found the letter first, the fallout from that took a year to clean up.
She was angry, enraged and though her brother death was a enemy action. She wished to leave to bring her brother bones home, but because of events home she could not leave and she refused Christopher to go alone, because of the Giovanni.

Christopher Eldridge

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