Venice by Night

The primogen request
The time we found a scary Vampire

The players were invited to a party hosted by Countess Nahir De Lusigan.

the game started with the players arriving at the Countess haven. But it was not a party at all but a meeting with the Primogen and the former Prince.  the players were tasked to investigate a soul well.

The players quickly removed the soul well and went to talk with Gerolf. Gerolf sent the players to a bookstore that was in fact the domain of an Elder Vampire Necromancer. During the descent down the lair of the Necromancer the players released something. During the escape from the Necromancer Lair Vieri Bello was spotted by 2 cops. Vieri Primogen tasked him with disgracing the cops.


Saterday June 10th 1871
The Campaign Begins

The young vampires are summoned before the council to discuss the recent series of murders down near the docks.

After talking to the Council of Venice, the young vampires discussed among themselves about what to do first. Two of them wanted to feed first, whilst the other two wanted to find the location and begin investigation. One man stepped in, called Cornelious Powall, and told them not to linger, and actions spoke louder than their discussion. They then set out to the docks, where they quickly traced the smell of blood to a ravished home, blood and broken doors and windows everywhere. Soon they left due to the approaching night watch of mortals seeing the messied and bloddied home. 

Following the investigation at the docks, the party of four left to Villa Bello, to use it as a Headquarters seeing as the mansion had more rooms than one would ever care to count. There, Silas went quickly to work and fed himself on a lovely lass he forgot the name off. Vieri followed suit shortly after as they then met up with Graham and Seraphima, who had been working on the investigation in the mean time.  

The day soon came, and they all split up to go rest, unfortunately, someone set fire to Silas' ship, with 1 quarter of the port side deck being on fire. Alarmed by this, but harboring self control from his earlier war days, he got to the starboard stern alarm bell and began hitting it, when a fire wagon soon showed up to extinquish the fire. 

With repairs now being made to the ship, he took up residence with Vieri for the time being. After that had been done, they all met up at Seraphima's taverna, the Voyuvude™, to discuss what they would do next. They soon found out a Russian ship had entered made port two weeks ago, when the first murder had been done. Graham talked to the dockmaster and found out which ship and who was the captain, while Seraphima sneaked onboard and discovered a crate had been smashed from the inside, and some blood stains not being fully cleared off the deck.

They awoke the crew, and got the captain out. Silas' miss-guided attempt at intimidate him, the fire having left a bigger hold on his psyche than he'd show, ended up being saved by Graham interjecting and persuading him, they got the right information out of him. Leaving that, he told the captain to pick up some ore tomorrow morning as their current payer had quite literally killed a crew member and they hadn't even known what was inside to begin with.



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