Venice by Night

A new Prince

The Cappadocian Vampire kicked off her plan to drag the whole city of venice into the Shadowlands.
The party found out that a key part of her magic circle was going through Saint Mark's Basilica, they broke into the Basilica and interrupted the Magic returning the City to the mortal world, upon their return they found that most of the Elder vampires in the city were missing. Seeing the power vacuum Seraphima took the reigns of the city becoming prince.

Chapter VI
In which the Kindred go on a lovely evening walk,

In which the Kindred go on a lovely evening walk, lose an ally and gain an ally, if you are fool enough to count grotesque flesh melders as allies

Following instructions from the secret Primogen Coterie, the tenuous Kindred group set off to find Tervel, a Tzimisce living in Innsbruk, and convince him to aid the Coterie with his golems and other abominations. This was despite Seraphima's warning that Tzimitze can not be trusted.

As Silas knew nothing about the Tzimisce Graham prepared some reading material with lots of pictures to explain. Do not think poorly of him dear reader, he cannot help the Clan to which he was born and all its innate limitations. These materials preoccupied Silas the entire journey.

Arriving in Innsbruk, Serphima found a lovely little gift for Tervel before the group promptly set off for Tervel's castle, which of course couldn't be reached by carriage unlike any civilized Kindred haven.

After abandoning their carriage the group soon found wolves following them. Silas attempted to talk to the mongrels but they ignored him and walked off. A bit later they found a little Kine lost in the woods. Seraphima approached and learned the morsel wanted to be escorted to the Church. When Seraphima said it could come along with them the Kine dared to take Seraphima's hand. This, however, was fortuitous as it was close by when the group neared the Church. A priest at the doorway beckoned the waif over, while Silas and Graham tried to walk closer, but were stopped by a barrier. The waif told Seraphima that the group was being tested. Knowing the Tzimisce mindset Seraphima shot at the girl to pass the test. Soft-hearted Vieri and soft-minded Silas attempted to stop her, resulting in Vieri taking the silver bullet instead. The Kine fled to the priest and entered the church. The group moved onward, the church fading to ruins as they watched.

As they walk the seemingly unending path flames appeared behind them. Silas ran like the cowardly animal he is, while the others kept their pace steady not wanting to play into the Tzimisce trick or show they were intimidated by what could be phantom flames. As the fire encroached, blocking them on three sides Graham increased his speed fearing the fire was in fact not illusion. Once this was confirmed, Seraphima also outpaced the fire, making a mental note that the Tzimisce owes her a new dress. Vieri, as suspected by most of the group, was as soft in the head as he was in the heart and refused to run as the flames consumed him. Silas attempted, but failed to reach him in time. What he thought he could do against so much fire was not apparent to the other two members who were surprised he was not engulfed as well.

Obviously undeterred by such a minor loss the group continued until shambling zombies cut off their path. At which point Tervel's shtick was getting old, and showed himself to be an appalling host, even more so than others of his Clan. Silas scaled the cliff, aiding Graham when he couldn't find purchase. As Seraphima debated just knocking the zombies out of her way Silas offered her a hand up to the cliff. Not wanting to disregard loyal service Seraphima graciously accepted. Once at the top the group found a more sensible path to the castle.

Nearing the castle they found a frenzying vampire and a whimpering human chained to rocks. Seraphima did what any caring vampire would have done and broke the vampires chains so she could feed.

Soon after they arrived at the castle in front of which several werewolves sat around a fire. On seeing the Kindred they stood and changed to their human form. Silas greeted his near-kin which did not reciprocate the greeting, telling him to go away and stop bothering them. Silas did not heed this, and on the second command to leave decided to escalate the confrontation.

Utterly bored, and noticing Tervel watching them and that the castle door was unguarded, Graham and Seraphima went to see Tervel, leaving Silas to whatever foolishness he was up to. Once inside they were greeted by Tervel. Sereaphima gave him the gift but expressed his hosting skills left much to be desired. Graham relayed the message from the Coterie. Silas joined at some point after he managed not to be killed by werewolves. As daylight drew near Tervel invited the group to stay, which Graham and Silas accepted. Seraphima thought any place would be better than a Tzimisce haven, made her excuses, and decided to spend the day in a zombie cave.

The next evening she headed back to Venice assuming her companions to be dead, because well one knows what the Tzimisce are like, and dealt with some personal business. Later that night when she went to report to the Coteri she was surprised to find Silas and Graham alive. They had managed to survive and had hashed out a deal with Tervel to move to Venice. Graham later relayed that the wolves were seen again when they headed back to the city.

Graham, Seraphima and Silas went to meet Antonia Bello and inform him of his uncle's self-inflicted demise. Antonio took it surprisingly well despites Silas' uncouth method of informing him. Seraphima gave him a shiny rock to remember Vieri by, as he liked pretty things. All agreed it was surprising that Vieri hadn't died much earlier from being mesmerized by a sunrise. Before any significant discussions could begin Silas started insulting Antonio who had his staff remove Silas from the mansion. Antonio communicated his long desire to become a vampire, which Seraphima said would be dangerous given the power structure in the city and vampire culture, but assured him she would broach the subject with the Coterie.

The primogen request
The time we found a scary Vampire

The players were invited to a party hosted by Countess Nahir De Lusigan.

the game started with the players arriving at the Countess haven. But it was not a party at all but a meeting with the Primogen and the former Prince.  the players were tasked to investigate a soul well.

The players quickly removed the soul well and went to talk with Gerolf. Gerolf sent the players to a bookstore that was in fact the domain of an Elder Vampire Necromancer. During the descent down the lair of the Necromancer the players released something. During the escape from the Necromancer Lair Vieri Bello was spotted by 2 cops. Vieri Primogen tasked him with disgracing the cops.


Saterday June 10th 1871
The Campaign Begins

The young vampires are summoned before the council to discuss the recent series of murders down near the docks.

After talking to the Council of Venice, the young vampires discussed among themselves about what to do first. Two of them wanted to feed first, whilst the other two wanted to find the location and begin investigation. One man stepped in, called Cornelious Powall, and told them not to linger, and actions spoke louder than their discussion. They then set out to the docks, where they quickly traced the smell of blood to a ravished home, blood and broken doors and windows everywhere. Soon they left due to the approaching night watch of mortals seeing the messied and bloddied home. 

Following the investigation at the docks, the party of four left to Villa Bello, to use it as a Headquarters seeing as the mansion had more rooms than one would ever care to count. There, Silas went quickly to work and fed himself on a lovely lass he forgot the name off. Vieri followed suit shortly after as they then met up with Graham and Seraphima, who had been working on the investigation in the mean time.  

The day soon came, and they all split up to go rest, unfortunately, someone set fire to Silas' ship, with 1 quarter of the port side deck being on fire. Alarmed by this, but harboring self control from his earlier war days, he got to the starboard stern alarm bell and began hitting it, when a fire wagon soon showed up to extinquish the fire. 

With repairs now being made to the ship, he took up residence with Vieri for the time being. After that had been done, they all met up at Seraphima's taverna, the Voyuvude™, to discuss what they would do next. They soon found out a Russian ship had entered made port two weeks ago, when the first murder had been done. Graham talked to the dockmaster and found out which ship and who was the captain, while Seraphima sneaked onboard and discovered a crate had been smashed from the inside, and some blood stains not being fully cleared off the deck.

They awoke the crew, and got the captain out. Silas' miss-guided attempt at intimidate him, the fire having left a bigger hold on his psyche than he'd show, ended up being saved by Graham interjecting and persuading him, they got the right information out of him. Leaving that, he told the captain to pick up some ore tomorrow morning as their current payer had quite literally killed a crew member and they hadn't even known what was inside to begin with.



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